Product CCTV Video Recorder

DVR-(Digital Video Recorder) / NVR-(N/W Video Recorder)

New Features:
  • With H.264 High efficiency Video Compression
  • 8ch *720P @25fps, 8ch *AHD-M, 4ch Audio in.
  • 1-4ch playback synchronously
  • With special USB slot and multi keypad in front panel.
  • Cloud P2P function,remote view and monitoring.
  • With RS485, support PTZ control.
  • Build-in own free DDNS
  • Support Windows mobile, Iphone, android , Smart mobile phone live view.
  • With Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, etc,25 languages

What is DVR and Why it is used?

The word DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder which is used to convert the analog signal to the digital signal.normally all the CCTV camera having image sensor which is giving elctrical output according to the image.this electical analog signal output is feeded to the dvr to convert the signal to digital.This process is done because of the computer.simply computer understands only digital signals.once the conversion process done then we can obtain the signal to use for any application like local and remote view.

What is NVR and Why it is used?

The word NVR stands for Network Video Recorder which is used to connect ip cameras to NVR for recording and for other features.normally all the CCTV camera having image sensor which is giving elctrical output according to the image.this electical analog signal ip camera convert the signal to digital and output is feeded to the NVR.comparitevely DVR,NVR resolution is much higher than DVR.

Download All DVR and NVR Spec.

AHD 4 Channel CCTV DVR

  • Support PC and Smartphone playback.
  • High definition VGA display, 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024.
  • Support different PTZ protocols, support present tour function.
  • Support digital zoom in preview and playback.
  • Support VGA, BNC and HDMI output
  • Activates event recording automatically when alarm is triggered, and send alerts with images to designated emails
  • The unique data storage technology, which can record the data of 1 sec before power failure.
  • Support composite streaming and video streaming encoding. Under the composite steaming encoding, Video and audio can be encoded synchronously.

AHD 4 Channel CCTV DVR- Spec

System Main processor HISI 3520D
Video Compression H.264(High Profile);
Encode 4*720P real-time
Decode 4*720P real-time
Multi-mode Analog:4*720P; 4*AHD-M;
Recording and Playback Record mode Manual>alarm>motion detection>timing
Playback 4*720P@25fps
Storage and backup Space occupation 960H:12~20G/ day*channel
720P:20G~30G/ day*channel
audio:691.2M/ day*channel
Backup mode Network backup/ USB HDD/ USB writer/ DVD writer
Interface Video input 4 BNC
Video output 1ch VGA,1ch HDMI
Audio input 4ch RCA
PTZ control One RS485;support multiple PTZ protocols
Dimension 26cm* 43cm* 20cm
Wireless 3G/ WIFI (optional)

Download DVR Documents

Download NVR Documents

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