Product Wifi-Security-Camera

Wireless Surveillance Security Camera ( Wi-Fi Camera / IP Camera)

WIFI Dongle connection:

  • Please plug the dongle to the USB adapter or USB slot of the router.
  • We need LAN connection first to configure the WIFI camera.
  • So please make sure you have the LAN connection.
  • After configuration of wifi into the wifi smart camera we don’t need LAN for WIFI camera.

"Note: Please contact your router provider for suitable dongle".

Wifi Camera Installations and Supports

  • Please power it up with the adapter that provided with the wifi smart camera kit.
  • Then plug in the LAN into the Ethernet port in the wifi smart camera.
  • Please download and install v380 app from your Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Please click the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner, then add device id, please give the following details (device id). Then click ok.
  • Please check the LAN connection has good flow of internet, if it is good you will get online status of the wifi camera in your mobile.
  • Click the added wifi camera on your mobile it will show the live view of the camera you can move camera up down, left to right using the graphical joy stick in you mobile screen.
  • Then come back (please click the < symbol which is in the top left corner).
  • Get into the device config - network setting select AP mode for hotspot connection or select
  • Station mode for wifi configuration.
  • Please select the wifi which you are going to connect and save it.
  • The switch off the wifi smart camera, unplug the LAN connection, switch on the camera.
  • Now camera will take the wifi connection.
  • Then get in to the Device config select record setting select auto record.

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